Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Egg vs Chicken

Daily PC Game Review Score: 7 / 10
Game Category: Casual, Action, Puzzle
Date: 23 Feb 2011

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Well, today's game does not attempt to answer that fundamental question that baffled great philosophers such as Aristotle and Plutarch. It instead presents an eggsterical scenario in which eggs and chickens are sentient creatures who have been battling against each other since the beginning of time.

Egg vs Chicken by Gamelabs and Playfirst is an amusing game in which you follow the exploits of a group of eggs as they travel through time while battling a posse of mean chickens. The eggs are portrayed as the good guys and are generally smarter than their life-long enemies, the evil clucking chickens.

The eggs are capable of travelling through time via their Chrono Yolk Time Vessel (hey, I didn't invent that), and hiding themselves in heavily fortified positions located in several different eras. From these fortifications, the eggs are capable of launching deadly attacks on the chickens through the act of you grouping 3 or more eggs of the same color on the game board.

Sounds simple and fun right? Well, that is if you can take the heat. I must warn you now, if you find yourself having difficulty with action games, then may I suggest you try the demo first before committing to a purchase. Later levels can get very challenging and unless you are fast with the mouse and able to handle the pressure, you will find yourself getting whupped soundly by an army of encroaching chickens.

Who shall be the victors, the eggs or the chickens?

Egg vs Chicken presents you with a Story mode or a Time Challenge mode on their startup menu. The latter mode requires you to complete parts of the story mode to unlock the different eras for an endless battle between the eggs and the chicken armies.

That's easy, I only have to collect 2 energy eggs
The unique game mechanic of Egg vs Chicken requires you to move different colored eggs within a game board. You do this by selecting an egg and sliding it in a certain direction. You can either slide a single egg or a group of eggs. Eggs will slide until they hit a wall in the fort or another egg.

Chickens will start moving in towards your fortification from one of the four directions. You must therefore quickly slide your eggs into groups of three or more (which must be touching a wall) before you can use them as weapons against the chickens. Once you are happy with the grouping of your eggs, you select these groups so that you can fling them at the hordes of enemy chickens who are slowly advance towards your fort.

Here, I am launching a wide volley against the red rooster
With some strategy, you could either group eggs into a column or a row. Depending on the orientation, a column could be used to shoot a narrow but strong volley, while a row could be used to launch a weak but wide barrage (or vice versa).

The types of chickens you face vary from small chicks, to big fat marauding hens, to ruthless red roosters, to armored cocks, and to the occasional boss chicken who is generally much more difficult to defeat. If you don't defeat the chickens, they will eventually surround your fort and start pecking at the walls. When a wall is completely damaged, a hole is left behind. If the hole is penetrated by a chicken, it results in a Game Over.

From time to time, you will be introduced to new powerups
Chickens that die from your volley of eggs will leave behind eggs that you must click with your mouse. Doing so, replenishes your fort with an egg of that color.

Sometimes, powerups are dropped by the chickens. There are two types of powerups - defensive and offensive:
  • Defensive powerups include wrenches that can be used to repair your fortification walls, paint buckets to color a cluster of eggs on your game board a particular color, and nests to populate your game board with several eggs. 
  • Offensive powerups include bombs that can be used directly on chickens, mines that can be placed to blow up approaching armies of chickens. You can also place a freeze zone that slows down the advancement of chickens.
I just love Megaton Bombs!
The game never becomes too repetitive as the new eras and fortification layouts are unique and refreshing. You will get to see more colored eggs in later levels; this makes it harder for you to make matches, but the colors can be used to target certain types of enemies.

However, I can't say the same about the difficulty of the game. The game becomes very much harder from the third era on. Trust me when I say you will start to see huge waves of chickens advancing upon you in the third world. And the board layouts do get harder to manipulate your eggs into optimum groups for shooting the chickens down. If  you can't take the heat and start to panic, then you will surely not be able to survive the level. Make sure you stay cool, calm and collected in the higher levels. And, don't give in.

Phew... Level 21 at last...
The music and sound effects in the game is average at best, but the graphics is definitely cartoonish and cute. For every ten levels in Story Mode (typically after a fierce battle with a huge boss chicken), you get to see a comic strip that tells you the continuing story of our fearless eggs as they travel through to the next era in their battle against the chickens.

Somewhere in time...
So, in conclusion, if you have quick reflexes and enjoy action games, then Egg vs Chicken is definitely the game for you. If not, stay away from this game like the plague, because the game is just going to get uninstalled after a few minutes of frustrating play.


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