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Nov 18, 2011

Deploy the Rescue Team once again!

Press Release:
Rescue Team 2
Game Category: Casual - Time Management
Developer / Distributor: Alawar Entertainment
Release Date: 17 Nov 2011

Alawar Entertainment has just released the latest version of the Rescue Team franchise today. Rescue Team 2 is a casual time management game that has you scrambling to rescue unlucky victims of a series of terrible disasters that has wrecked 50 levels over three brand new islands. You will manage a team of rescue workers who must clear debris, extinguish raging fires, fill up chasms, repair bridges and buildings, and much much more. Quickly now, you will have to plan how you wish to complete the tasks arrayed before you... can you rescue everyone on time?

You can download a demo of the game by following this link. And in your haste to try out the demo, don't forget to check out the official press release from Alawar Entertainment below:

Disaster Strikes Again: Rescue Team 2 Is Out For PC Today!
November 17, 2011  – When tragedy hits, the rescue team is called to action. From extinguishing fires to rebuilding petrol stations after a storm, the crew handles it all. Rescue Team 2, released by Alawar Entertainment, a leader in the world of casual game publishing and distribution, will surely charm fans of time management games.

Life on three islands is plagued by a series of earthquakes, storms and other natural disasters. Trapped workers and citizens alike must be freed from the resulting debris. The injured require treatment from hospital workers and the infrastructure needs rebuilding in order for island life to resume. Prioritizing is a necessity, as the player must complete each level’s designated tasks in the allotted timeframe.

Another tremblor strikes again
On each level, the player coordinates the workforce in order to effectively navigate the challenges presented. Obstacles must be eliminated before certain duties can be performed. For example, before gems can be collected and the injured can be treated, workers must clear obstructing debris. Before rescuing stranded island residents, the helicopter’s landing pad must be repaired. Resources such as food and gold must be amassed in order to fuel the workers. The difficulty lies in strategizing what to do first. The quicker a level is completed, the more money the player stands to earn. This money can then be utilized to rehabilitate the player’s own neighborhood.

More people to rescue
With 50 levels, three brand new islands and never before seen natural disasters to navigate, Rescue Team 2 is filled with constant calamity! Trying to beat the clock will hook the player for hours in this time management title. Disaster has never been so much fun!

Key features:
  • 50 levels
  • Three new islands
  • New disasters and weather conditions
  • Fuel for transportation and petrol stations
  • Hospitals for treating the injured
Burn! Burn! Burn! (To Everything there is a Reason)

About Alawar Entertainment:
Founded in 1999, Alawar Entertainment specializes in the development, publication and distribution of casual games, reaching players in over 60 countries. The company is the leading distributor of casual titles in Eastern Europe and has published more than 200 casual PC games globally, including leading downloadable brands like Farm Frenzy, Stray Souls and The Treasures of Montezuma. Alawar games are now available for the Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS, bada, BlackBerry and other platforms. The company also releases entertainment products for social networks and MMO audiences. For more information, visit


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